Fly in safaries and excursions

One can see and estimate the whole splendour and beauty of nature in these places only from a bird’s eye view!

Air safaris and scenic flights – an ideal opportunity for those who want to see more beautiful places and sights for a short period.
The Makalani Travel Agency organizes both scenic flights and air safaris. Flights can be combined with any activities and tours.

The most popular scenic flights:

  1. Victoria Falls – plane and helicopter flights
    One can estimate sheer size and grandeur of Victoria Falls only from above. The huge Zambezi River flowing slowly south with hippos and crocodiles is clearly visible in the shallow waters; majestic elephants and other animals, strolling around green islands.
  2. The Skeleton Coast
    The Skeleton Coast has an interesting past and its own history – broken-down ships, rusting in the hot sun on the Atlantic Ocean coast; lots of sand-covered bones and skeletons of enormous white whales, graves of buried sailors, perished on Namibian coasts.
  3. Sossusvlei Dunes
    There are only ochre sands and dunes against a light-blue sky. Add to the sea sand a low level flight along the green Kuiseb to amazing Kuiseb Canyon. It seems that waves whisper you fantastical stories about diamond mining, wrecks of ships rusting on the coast, as well as many other amazing stories about the Great Wall – a long ridge of sand dunes, which is called, not without reasons of course, the Wall of Death.

Organization of following one-day excursions by plane is possible:

  • Fish River Canyon;
  • Ghost town of Kolmanskop in Luderitz;
  • Visit to Himba village and Epupa Falls and others.

The most popular air safaris:

  1. 9 nights/ 8 days round Namibia
    Windhoek – Fish River Canyon – Lüderitz – Namib Naukluft Park (Sossusvlei, Namib Desert) – Etosha National Park – Serra Cafema – Coastal Region (Swakopmund) – Windhoek.
  2. 4 days/3 nights – round Botswana
    Windhoek – Kasane (Chobe National Park) – Savuti (Chobe National Park) – Moremi National Park – Windhoek
  3. 12 days/11 nights – Zambia – Botswana – Namibia
    South Luangwa National Park – Victoria Falls, Zambia – Maun, Delta Okavango, Botswana – Windhoek, Namibia – Namib Naukluft Park – Coastal Region (Swakopmund)

Types and characteristics of planes used for flights.
Aero 1. Aero Commander AC 90 (Twin Engine, Turbo Prob, pressurized)
Number of passengers: 6
Travel altitude: 500 – 9000m
Speed: 540 km/h
Luggage weight: no more than 15 kg per man, soft bags.

2. Caravan C208 (Single Engine)
Number of passengers: 10
Travel altitude: 500 – 2000m
Speed: 280 km/h
Luggage weight: no more than 15 kg per man, soft bags.

3. Cessna 210 (Single Engine)
Number of passengers: 4-5
Travel altitude: 500 – 2000m
Speed: 280 km/h
Luggage weight: no more than 10 kg per man, soft bags.

4. Cessna 401 +402 (Twin Engine):
Number of passengers: 5
Travel altitude: 500 – 2000m
Speed: 320 km/h
Luggage weight: no more than 12 kg per man, soft bags.

There are strict measures in place to ensure weight allowances are not exceeded. Both a weight of a passenger and luggage is taken into account.